Campus Student Handbook

The SMWC Campus Student Handbook is an official College document. All students that are enrolled in the campus program are expected to be knowledgeable about the content of the handbook and to adhere to all College policies and regulations. 

Civility Statement

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College defines civility as being respectful to others regardless of race, creed, political ideology, lifestyle orientation, gender, or social status. Personal conduct should be guided by honesty, integrity, and respect, embracing the differences of others, and engaging in civic opportunities that will effect positive change in our global society.


The community of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is comprised of several distinct groups including students, faculty, staff, and by extension the Sisters of Providence with whom we share the campus. Within this community, personal freedoms and responsibilities are valued highly. At times, these two values can be in conflict with each other. It is the responsibility of the individual and the group to recognize that each person plays a role in creating an environment that fosters respect for each other while at the same time encourages individual expression. The rights of the individual must be balanced with those of the community to help create a vibrant and open atmosphere for learning and growth.

This community values the personal relationships that our members have with each other and with those from outside our campus community. We have a right to have family and friends visit the campus and we have a responsibility to welcome those visitors to our community. As such, we expect our guests to abide by the policies of the College and to act in a manner that is consistent with our values and mission. It is expected that all members of the community and guests will act appropriately while in public areas of the campus and will reserve intimate contact and behavior for the most private spaces on campus.

Student Rights/Student Responsibilities

Students have the right to confront other members of the SMWC community about their behavior if they feel that he/she is violating a College value, rule or policy.

Students have the responsibility to ensure that their own behavior reflects the values, rules and policies of the College.

Students have the right to live, learn and interact with one another in a safe environment.

Students have the responsibility to make sure that they contribute to the campus environment to make it safe for others.

Students have the right to live in an environment conducive to studying and sleeping.

Students have the responsibility to be considerate of others by maintaining reasonable levels of noise and music, and to abide by rules governing quiet hours in the Halls.

Students have a right to respectfully confront another's behavior that infringes upon their rights or privacy.

Students have the responsibility to listen to another student, to take criticism in a constructive manner and to seek a compromise to resolve the issues at hand.

Students have the right to privacy and the appropriate use of the residence hall room in regards to space and time.

Students have the responsibility to work collaboratively with other members of the College community and to share resources appropriately and fairly.

Students have the right to be treated in a respectful manner at all times by others

Students have the responsibility to treat others with dignity, so that they do not feel disrespected, slighted or devalued.

Students have the right to clean facilities.

Students have the responsibility to help the College maintain clean, safe buildings and grounds.

Students have the right to request, and receive, assistance from the College officials including the Campus Life Staff.

Students have the responsibility to aid the staff in their endeavors, and to participate and cooperate fully as these individuals discharge their responsibilities.

Students have the right to express ideas and opinions in a healthy, constructive manner.

Students have the responsibility to foster an academic and social environment that allows others to constructively air their own opinions and thoughts.