Residence Hall Policies and Regulations 

All residents are expected to know the regulations, policies, and procedures regarding the use of drugs and alcohol, visitation, fire and safety, etc. as outlined within the Campus Student Handbook. Residents may refer to the appropriate section of this handbook or ask a Campus Life staff member if they have questions regarding any regulation, policy, or procedure. The procedures are also posted in various places throughout the buildings on campus. (All residents are expected to comply with these regulations, policies, and procedures and any directives given to them by the Campus Life and Security staff.) These procedures are enforced to protect the security and safety of all members of the community. (Failure to comply with any of these directives [i.e., vacating of building when you hear the emergency alarm sound, ignoring instructions given by your RA, RCA, staff or faculty members, etc.], will result in immediate and severe disciplinary action.)

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Prevention Programs

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College affords an environment that strives to minimize alcohol and drug use and to provide programming regarding dating violence and sexual harassment, both socially and in the work place. In addition, the College has a desire to intervene effectively or respond to the individual with a potential drug or alcohol problem. Consistent with the College mission statement, the College seeks to respond compassionately and with integrity through the following guidelines:

Alcohol and Drug Policies

Alcohol Policy

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is in compliance with and supports Indiana state laws regarding the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, the College is in compliance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989.

The policy is as follows:

  1. Possession, distribution, or consumption of alcoholic beverages while on the premises of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is not permitted except at official events catered by Food Service personnel and those served must be 21 years of age or older.
  2. While on College premises, all persons, including friends, relatives and visitors, are subject to all rules and regulations regarding the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  3. No alcohol containers, whether empty or full, are to be used for decoration in resident rooms or offices.

Violations of this policy will be referred to appropriate campus personnel and/or the civil authorities. 

Updated August, 2009

Illicit Drug Policy

The possession or use of a controlled substance, including but not limited to opiates (cocaine, morphine, codeine, heroin), barbiturates, hallucinogens, marijuana or amphetamines, including but not limited to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), on College premises or College-related premises, is prohibited.

The policy is as follows:

  1. The physical presence of a controlled substance in a student’s assigned residence hall room will ordinarily constitute “possession” and subjects the occupant(s) of that room to a charge of a violation of this policy.
  2. Any student observed “holding” or transporting a controlled substance on College premises constitutes “possession” and subjects that student to a charge of a violation of this policy.
  3. A student found guilty of distribution or sale of drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, hallucinogens, marijuana or amphetamines on College premises or College-related premises is subject to immediate permanent dismissal or any lesser authorized sanction.


Students are welcome to have guests on campus but it is the responsibility of the hostess to see that the guest abides by all regulations of the College. A guest is defined as any non- resident of SMWC. The hostess is responsible for the actions of her guest and therefore, if a guest is found in violation of any policy he/she may be asked to leave campus and the hostess may be subject to disciplinary action. The College reserves the right to deny any non-resident the privilege of staying on campus. Guests are not to be left alone in the residence hall and must be escorted at all times.

All Le Fer guests including commuting students must be signed in at all times at the reception area located on the main floor of Le Fer. Commuter students must be accompanied by a resident student on the residence hall floor after 6 p.m. All guests are expected to sign-out and leave campus by the times listed in the visitation policy. Female guests aged 13 years or older are allowed to stay overnight in the hostess’s room as long as the roommate grants permission and the RA/RCA is notified. An overnight guest is allowed to stay on campus for a maximum of six days every calendar month.

Students are reminded that male guests are not allowed to use the community bathrooms on the floors and instead must utilize the restroom located on the main floor or on the ground floor. All students are reminded that they and their guests should consider and respect the rights of other residents with regard to privacy, noise, and personal property.

Courtesy and Quiet Hours

At the beginning of the academic year, each wing will have the opportunity to modify its own quiet hours. The hours will be posted on the wing after the Dean of Students has approved the modification. In addition to quiet hours, courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day, as some students study and sleep at times other than designated quiet hours. Students are expected to respect the varying schedules in the residence halls and respect each others’ wishes for quiet at different times. Students must respect the right of others to have uninterrupted study and sleep in one's own room regardless of the hour or the day.


The residence halls close at midnight on weekdays and at 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. The same time frames apply to male visitors being on the grounds. Male guests are not allowed on the residence floors at any time except those stated below. Students may have male guests on the residence floors during the following times:

Sunday - Thursday
10 a.m. – 12 a.m.

Friday - Saturday
10 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Female guests staying beyond visitation hours should be registered as an overnight guest in the guest book and the RA/RCA must be informed by the hostess. Overnight guests must be 13 years of age or older.

Fire and Safety Regulations

The following regulations must be observed by all residents for purposes of personal safety, fire inspections, insurance and conservation of electrical energy:

  1. Every resident should use common sense when using electrical appliances. Appliances should not be left on in an unattended room. Electrical appliances that use heat (hair dryers, curling irons, etc.) need more power; therefore, they are more dangerous. The use of more than one of these heating appliances at once could result in a power failure to you and to your neighbors.
  2. Power strips should be used in place of extension cords and plug adapters; however, UL approved extension cords may be used.
  3. Air conditioners, halogen lights, hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens, microwaves and space heaters are NOT allowed in student rooms.
  4. Refrigerators larger than 3.5 cubic feet are prohibited.
  5. All appliances should be unplugged when the residence halls close.
  6. The use of Christmas lights is discouraged. Lights can be used to decorate artificial trees in student rooms; however, students need to take the following precautions: unplug the lights when no one is in the room, keep cloth and other material away from the lights and do not use tape to hang the lights on walls and doors. In public areas (when students are present), electrical decorations may be used with the approval of the dean of students.
  7. Candles and incense are not allowed due to fire hazard.


Firearms/weapons are prohibited in all College buildings and on the College grounds.


Each residence hall room is supplied with furniture for the students. This includes a bed, mattress, dresser, desk and chair. Furniture quantity may not match the occupancy, even so, all College owned furniture, whether one or two sets, must stay in the room.

Common area furniture is not to be placed in individual student rooms. Should common area furniture be found in a student room, all the occupants of the room will be charged in accordance with the policy stated on the reverse side of the housing contract.

Hall Closings

Students are expected to respect hall opening and closing dates and times. In certain cases the director of Campus Life may grant permission for a student to arrive early or remain on campus after the halls have officially closed. Also, for each break period, housing may be available on campus and is at an additional cost. For more information or to request housing during break periods, students should contact the dean of students.

Hallway Safety

Hallways are thoroughfares so the community needs to ensure that all hallways are safe and clear. Any sport, such as bicycling, ball and rollerblading are prohibited in any hallway. Appliances cannot be used in the hallway. Decorations in hallways need to be kept at a minimum so as not to block the halls in the case of an emergency.


Upon arrival to campus, students will receive a key to their rooms. There is a $25 replacement fee for keys. Students are encouraged to lock their doors when they leave their floor or the building.

Kitchen Facilities

Student kitchen facilities are located just off the main staircase on the second, third, and fourth floors of Le Fer Hall. They are equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave, stove, sink, table, and chairs. On the main floor of Le Fer, there is a kitchen area equipped with a full-sized refrigerator, microwave, sink, and vending machine. Please be considerate of others and housekeeping when using the kitchen facilities.

Commuters are welcome to use any of the kitchens in Le Fer Hall. Prior to using kitchens on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th floors, commuters are required to sign the "Guest Sign-In" sheet located at the Le Fer front desk. Questions regarding the use of the kitchen facilities should be directed to the dean of students.


Coin-operated washers and dryers are located on the ground floor of Le Fer and on the fourth floor of Guerin.


Sullivan Lounge

Sullivan Lounge is located on the main floor of Le Fer Hall. It has casual furniture, tables and chairs,  a large screen TV connected to cable service, DVR/VCR player. This lounge is a student lounge and cannot be rented for non-SMWC events during the academic year. Students are free to gather for meals and meetings as well as hold events in Sullivan Lounge.

Oakley Student Center (OSC)

The Oakley Student Center (OSC), located on the ground floor of Le Fer, is equipped with tables and chairs, vending machines, ice machine, recreational tables, and two televisions connected to cable. Also located in OSC is a breakfast facility operated by Sodexo Food Services that is open to all students, faculty and staff and sells items a la carte.

Hulman Hall Student Lounge

Hulman Hall Student Lounge is located on the ground level just outside of the SMWC bookstore. A mini-refrigerator, microwave, and coffee pot is available for student use.


Postal mail for students, faculty, and staff is received and distributed from the Le Fer Mail Room on the ground floor of Le Fer Hall. U.S. mail is picked up from this location each morning and afternoon. Students are encouraged to pick up packages at the assigned time. Mail Room hours will be posted.

Campus mail may be deposited in the slot in the Mail Room. Flyers must first be approved by the Office of Campus Life before distribution by the mail room. Outgoing packages may also be weighed in the Mail Room. The Le Fer Mail Room is not an official U.S. Post Office. Stamps can be purchased in the College Bookstore or the Business Office.

Maintenance Concerns

A work order must be completed for any problems a student encounters in her room that requires repair. Work order forms are available from an RA and the Office of Campus Life. The work order requires each occupant’s signature which will grant permission to the housekeeping/maintenance department to enter the room.

Painting of Rooms

Painting of student rooms is prohibited. Violators of this policy may be involved in judicial action and will pay to have the room returned to its original condition.


For safety and health reasons, tropical fish are the only pets that may be kept on campus; they must be kept in a tank no larger than 10 gallons. This is a College and Board of Health regulation.

Room Changes

Room changes will be allowed at the discretion of the dean of students. Any improper moves will be subject to a fine set forth by the Office of Campus Life.

Room Damage

Before students arrive on campus, the RAs thoroughly check the condition of each room. Each student will sign a copy of this room condition report when she arrives. During the year students are expected to use their rooms and the College furniture carefully so at the end of the year the room and furniture are left in the same condition. At the end of the year, an RA will check the condition of the room and make a note of excessive wear and tear. Students will sign this report again to acknowledge the condition of their room at checkout time. After all students have left, a final check of rooms will be made by the dean of students and the director of Custodial Services for a final assessment of damages.

Pictures, posters and other articles are to be hung with designated putty that the College endorses or molding hooks from the wooden moldings around each room. Putty should be removed prior to check out. Nails, double-sided tape and hooks may not be used to hang any article. Damage done by improper use of nails, tacks or tape will result in repair/replacement charges that include labor and materials.

Some fees may be assessed against a student if the room or any part of the room or its furnishings is in worse condition when the student checks out.  After the halls have closed, any charges will be placed on the student’s bill. The student will have 10 working days from the bill date to appeal in writing to the dean of students any charges with which she disagrees. She will receive notification in writing of the appeal outcome.

Should there be a discrepancy as to whom the damage is to be charged, the assessed fees will be divided and billed to the suitemates and/or roommates. The dean of students reserves the right to make individual decisions as circumstances dictate. The College will attempt to make all necessary repairs in the summers as time permits.

Room Selection and Occupancy

The assignment of student rooms in the residence halls is the responsibility of the dean of students. Changes in room assignments may be made at anytime to accommodate the needs of the College community. Typically, traditional aged students in the campus-based program will be housed in Le Fer Hall during the academic year. 

Room changes will be allowed at the discretion of the dean of students. Any improper moves will be subject to a fine set forth by the Office of Campus Life.

Student Housing when College is not in Session

When the College is not in session and during official breaks, housing is not provided in Le Fer Hall. International students and students with special housing needs may contact the Office of Campus Life for optional housing arrangements.

Summer Housing

Summer housing is usually offered to those students working on campus thirty or more hours weekly on a space-available basis. Students are encouraged to check with the Office of Student Development for availability and regulations. The College reserves the right to deny housing to any individual.


In the event of a theft, students should inform a member of Campus Life staff and complete a theft report from security. Outside law enforcement will be contacted as deemed appropriate by a security officer.